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News June 2023

Important news in June for Toonie users.

After the release of new features in May, with the launch of EXAU Wallet to be able to buy and hold digital gold, Toonie is set to release new features in June!


Toonie becomes your portable ATM.

We have always been asked by participating merchants to offer a cash advance service.

Not only in small municipalities but also in big cities, the trend of closing bank branches and their ATMs is becoming a daily occurrence.

Access to cash is limited, causing major challenges for those who are forced to use cash for work or necessity.

With the release of this new product, all participating merchants will be able to offer Toonie users this cash advance service.


Top-up Wallet with Cash

If cash can be withdrawn, it is logical that it can also be used to top up your Wallet.

From June, all Toonie users will be able to top up their Wallet via participating merchants.


Top-up Wallet with Debit/Prepaid Card

In addition to the existing Wallet top-up options (Bank Transfer or PayPal), the Debit/Prepaid Card facility will also be available.

Commissions will certainly be cheaper and the actual availability of the Wallet top-up will be immediate.


Pay-with-Toonie for E-Commerce

The "Pay-with-Toonie" checkout button will be enhanced with the capability to acquire Debit/Prepaid Cards as well.

From June, the new SDK will be released that will enable the implementation of this new service, providing an alternative and certainly cheaper tool for those who have made the e-commerce their business.


Streamable Finance

As of this month, Toonie is expanding its reach by embracing new blockchain projects. With the support of Toonie's Wallet, these projects can now provide direct access to digital asset acquisition for their users. The first project in line for this new support is Streamable Finance with its STREAM digital rewards. Toonie is the exclusive worldwide partner of this innovative project.

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