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An Extraordinary Day at the ACS Event

Toonie at ACS event 2024

The recent Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) Technology Showcase event, held at Manchester's Stoller Hall, proved to be a memorable day for all attendees. Among the many companies in attendance, we at Toonie Global received special recognition for our innovative payment technology, receiving a highly commended for our participation in the 2024 showcase.

Innovation and Technology at the Centre of the Event

The ACS event showcased the latest technological innovations set to transform the convenience store industry. Exhibitors showcased their cutting-edge technology solutions aimed at helping retailers improve operational efficiency, increase revenue, and attract new customers.


Toonie's Success

Our app stood out among the participants thanks to its innovative payment technology, which received a highly commended in the 2024 showcase. This technology promises to revolutionise how merchants handle payments, offering solutions that improve the customer experience and optimise operational costs.

During the event, our team spent the day with different merchants, demonstrating in a practical way how the app can be a determining factor in the success of shops. Through practical demonstrations and detailed explanations, the merchants were able to understand the tangible benefits offered by this advanced solution.

Advantages of Toonie's Payment Technology

Toonie's payment technology is designed to:

  • Increase Revenue: With faster and more efficient payment processes, merchants can serve more customers in less time, improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales

  • Save Money: Automating and optimising payment processes reduces operational costs, saving shops valuable resources.

  • Attract New Customers: The integration of modern, user-friendly technologies can attract a wider customer base, including more technologically advanced consumers looking for smooth and innovative shopping experiences.


A Look into the Future

The ACS event demonstrated once again how crucial technological innovation is for the future of retail. Toonie Global, with its pioneering approach, is ready to lead this transformation, helping merchants remain competitive in an ever-changing market.

In conclusion, the opportunity to participate in the ACS Technology Showcase not only strengthened our position in the payment technology industry, but also allowed us to highlight our commitment to providing solutions that can truly make a difference to merchants around the world.

Toonie aligns perfectly with ACS's main goal of addressing important issues for local shops. This is supported by a research program that aims to uncover new information about the convenience industry. This information can then be used to inform the decision-making process for industry players and other stakeholders.


Thank you to the ACS team for all their efforts and for bringing together an inspiring group of innovators. We love the global atmosphere they have created!


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