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How Toonie's functions will change your day for the better 

With Toonie choose freedoom and simplicity in every moment of your day

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What is Toonie? 

An application that supports the needs of local communities, their people, and their economies. Toonie also supports any public and non-profit activity prioritising the well-being of the individual and the economy of their community.  If you are looking for a versatile, free payment app for everyone, Toonie is the solution. If you're intrigued, keep reading this blog, where we show you some of Toonie's amazing features.  

Free and Accessible to All 

One of the most attractive features of Toonie is that it is free to download to your smartphone on both Android and Apple. This makes it ideal for anyone who wants to manage their finances without worrying about additional expenses. But that's not all... 

Real-Time Money Transfer: For When Your Friends 'Forget' Their Wallets 

Toonie stands out for its simplicity and speed in transactions. Whether you need to request money for dinner from your friends or send money to a family member, Toonie makes it quick, easy, and free. You can send or receive money in real time with just a few taps. No more awkward conversations trying to get your money back, Toonie will remind them for you!  

Multi-currency: For Those Who Think in Gold  or Any Currency 

An innovative aspect of Toonie is its ability to handle different currencies, including  digital gold. This means you can diversify your digital wallet directly from the app without the need to use third-party services. A smart way to keep track of your finances in one platform. 

Integrated Currency Exchange: For Those Who Always Have a Suitcase Ready  

Planning an international trip? With Toonie, you can instantly convert your money directly in the app without having to use traditional banking services or expensive currency conversion websites, saving time and money. So, you can spend like a local and not get stung with any nasty fees while abroad.


Exclusive Offers: For those who like to save money... or at least try to! 

Get exclusive offers directly in the app because if there's one thing we love more than money, it's saving some! 

Toonie is not only a payment app but also a source of opportunities. Wherever you are, you can receive exclusive offers and discounts from nearby merchants. A way to enjoy what you love while saving money. 

Tap-to-Pay and In-App Payments: For Those Who Prefer Touch Screens to Cash 

Tap-to-Pay enables in-person contactless payments. Just bring your smartphone or card close to the merchant's smartphone to pay with a single tap. In addition, the app supports QR code and in-app payments, making shopping even easier and faster. 

Account statements: For those who want to have everything under control 

With Toonie's detailed statements, you can see exactly where your money is going (spoiler: probably in things you don't even remember buying), making it easier to manage your budget and financial planning.  

ATM: Cash at your fingertips 

Although we now live in a contactless payment era, occasionally there are times when you might need actual cash.  But with many bank branches closing and ATM machines out of service, sometimes it can be a hassle. 

Toonie's ATM service is the answer. It allows you to withdraw cash using your Toonie account at participating merchants. It is the ideal solution for those who want cash fast and without the nightmare of ATM or bank queues at the counter. Just look in the app and Toonie will show the closest ATM nearby. Head to the counter, show your QR code and you will have your cash in a flash. 

To sum up, Toonie is a reliable companion for those of you seeking a versatile and feature-rich payment app that won't break the bank and helps you discover offers and new places to go.  With its intuitive interface and numerous options, Toonie is the complete solution for your daily financial needs.  

😉 Download Toonie here

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