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How Toonie's offers can turn your day around

Girl with an icecream take with Toonie offers

☀️On a hot summer day, a group of friends wandered the streets of an unfamiliar city, seeking refuge from the scorching sun. Among them, Philip, with one hand resting on his forehead to shield himself from the sun, noticed an ice-cream parlour, with a shop window full of tempting colourful ice creams! 


Looking more closely, Philip saw the Toonie logo and did not hesitate an instant. He immediately took out his phone, opened the Toonie app and gluttonously scanned the active offers. He could not believe his eyes: there was indeed an offer from that ice-cream parlour!

A smile of satisfaction spread across his face as he exclaimed, "Thank you Toonie! Look what you can miss without it", addressing his friends. 

With the offer in hand, Philip and his friends entered the ice-cream parlour and gave into temptation. 

Yes, without Toonie, it’s easy to miss such mouth-watering occasions. But luckily, for the savvier spenders, there is always time to convert and enjoy life's discounted pleasures. 

And the Merchant? 

Earlier that day, Mr Antony had gotten carried away by the enthusiasm of the summer day and the ice-cream counter was overflowing with delicious flavours leaving him with surplus stock. And now? How to inform all his customers and people in the area?

It would be a pity to waste all those delicious ice-creams! Expensive, too, especially after a quiet Spring period. Plus, he had another delivery in a few days, so he needed to make space in his small but organised shop. 

Luckily with him in the business was Sara, his daughter, who had recently been using Toonie for contactless payments and rewards. It was the right opportunity to finally try out free offer creation!  

In just a few steps, they uploaded a photo and published a discount of half price in the app for the excess of ice cream flavours starting immediately. It was super easy! They estimated they needed to sell about 250 more scoops than usual, so the in-store offer was set for 200 redemptions in total to run until 10pm the next evening. 

The offer was advertised to the Toonie Community so that if users were nearby, they could see it in the app. As Mr Antony and Sara’s objective was to shift as much of the ice cream as possible, they decided that customers could redeem the offer multiple times instead of once.  

Would it work? What can we say? Not even time to publish it that.... well, you know the story by now 😉 


The Toonie app is distinguished by many features, (find them here!). One of which is undoubtedly that of offering exclusive discounts on products or services.  

Freedom of choice is the watchword: Toonie offers two plans for merchants to choose from; one that is free and another that  is subscription-based (unlimited offers). Whether you want to set up a long-lasting offer or several limited-time offers, Toonie will meet any of your requests! 

Find out more on our "Business" page 😎

The steps for creating and redeeming an offer are just a few and simple, both for you as a merchant and for you as a customer.

Scanning a QR code triggers the offer redemption with a payment request in the app with the discounted price.  

Seize your offer and watch these mini video tutorials dedicated to you: less than a minute on our YouTube channel!  

Toonie is your key; without the app you won't have access to a sea of possibilities!


City with a lot of offers


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