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Join the community and don't miss any more discounts and opportunities


With Toonie everything becomes Super-TOP

Get the best discounts of your favourite shops and clubs

Exchange, pay and receive money within the Toonie community

And best of all, it's all FREE

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Toonie is much more than just an App.


What does Toonie represent for all of us?


Let's find out

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Get the banks out of your day

With Toonie you have fun, you save money and you're up and running 365/24/7 without limits.

Safer than ever

With Toonie you can top up your Wallet and pay and buy without giving your card details. 

Super Easy

You do not need to remember any PIN. Just show your QR Code and accept the charge. Done


Who knows how many times you didn't know or found out late that the shop around the corner had an incredible discount on the very trousers you were looking for.

For Sale

That wardrobe full of stuff you want to sell. Free ad sites are complicated to manage. With a Business Toonie profile, it's just a matter of a few clicks. Sold!

Let's dance

Did you know that your favourite nightclub may decide to lower the entrance fee after a certain time? Toonie will tell you. The fun begins now!

Cool Wallet

Receive payment for what you sell. Buy the best discounts. Exchange money with your friends. Pay for your shopping. All free and in real time!

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Head Office

52 High Street, Sevenoaks, TN13 1JG

Are you a Community? #doitwithtoonie

The idea of Toonie comes from local communities and their vibrant economic life.

We support any activity that prioritises the well-being of the individual and the economy of his or her community.

For you Toonie is totally free

Refer to the Merchants page.

Everything you see there as a service is totally free of charge.

Who are Local Communities for us





Do you think you have not been considered but feel you have a right to be considered a local community? No worries, just start the registration and we will assess your case.

Are you a Merchant?
Well... #doitwithtoonie

An all-inclusive solution for your business.


Strengthen your presence in your consumer community

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A POS with no monthly fee, no commissions, portable and maintenance-free

A unique payment instrument not linked to banking channels

An ATM on your smartphone for a unique service and to reduce the cost of cash.

A network, a financial and advertising tool, for your business or shop

In-App customer care solution to keep in touch with your customers

Receive payments on your e-commerce with Toonie as payment method


An E-Commerce solution? #doitwithtoonie

  • Tired of restrictions on your business?

  • Tired of service interruptions?

  • Tired of paying stratospheric commissions?

  • Tired of chargebacks?

  • Would you like money immediately available?

  • Would you like to eliminate usage limits?

  • Would you like to eliminate geographical boundaries?

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is the answer


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