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Toonie: Your business, your dream and us together with you

The best ideas sometimes come about by chance

a girl with phone in the shop

Have you ever had a business idea come out of the blue?

That’s precisely how Toonie was born. In 2020, while on a business trip to the United States for other projects,entrepreneur Franco and his son had a stroke of inspiration. They needed a better way to explain a concept and this sparked an idea to create an application that could offer concrete and realistic examples.

The creative minds and entrepreneurial spirit of the father and son led to a tangible reality. Toonie, an app designed to empower local businesses and communities. Demonstrating how even the simplest ideas can be transformed into something extraordinary if you just believe in them enough.

What is Toonie? 

An application that supports the needs of local communities, their people, and their economies, putting the heart of your community back at the centre of commerce. 

Toonie also supports any public or non-profit activity that prioritises the well-being of the individual and the economy of their community. 

In today's fast-paced society, many small businesses need help to adapt to the rapid changes the online shopping revolution brings. Technology has changed how we shop, and some businesses might feel left behind. Traditional shops face challenges as online shopping is famous for its convenience and speed. Toonie bridges that gap, making it easier than ever to run your business, reach new customers, and keep those cherished local values alive. 

Toonie’s goal for local communities is to empower them: To simplify day-to-day operations for businesses, promote their products and services to a wider audience, attract new customers, and maintain the values and principles that define them without giving up their place in the market. 

Toonie is an all-in-one application to help you succeed. For example, “all in one”: 

  • Private and free payment circuit that excludes large operators and their no longer sustainable commissions; 

  • A SoftPOS, which includes a digital wallet to send and receive payments, a currency exchange and multi-currency wallets; 

  • A world of offers and discounts created entirely by you; 

  • An ATM service, and much more. 

Yes, Toonie wants to be your chance to grow in the market, combining visibility, promotions, and innovative payment solutions  in one place. 

Efficiency, integrity, and tangible benefits for your business 

So, let's take a closer look at the key in-app functionality aimed at transforming your business experience. 

phone with card

SoftPOS Integrated: Your Phone is Your POS! 

Here is the smart payment solution, the SoftPOS system integrated in the Toonie app designed to optimise your business. Say goodbye to the expense of traditional terminals. Everything you need is in the palm of your hands! Toonie offers you a flexible and convenient payment option to simplify transactions for your customers and speed up your workflow. Improving the operational efficiency of your business. Using Toonie, you can finally say, "No more monthly fees”, “No more queues at the till!" and "No more POS maintenance!". Learn more here.

Tap to pay

Tap-to-Pay: Lighting fast, in-person payments 

Toonie's Tap-to-Pay technology is not just a way to make quick payments; it's a statement of efficiency and convenience for your business! You can finally cut waiting times and offer your customers a seamless, contactless payment experience. Turn every transaction into a hassle-free moment for you and your customers. This function is only available on Android for now. More here!


Multi-currency: No one is excluded!

Multi-currency is a key strategy to meet the challenges of today's global business landscape. This feature allows you to accept payments in different currencies, so you can send and accept payments in the local currency. Offer greater flexibility to international customers by avoiding high conversion costs

Don't limit your sales opportunities if you want to expand your customer base globally. 

peer to peer

Peer-to-peer Payments 

One more convenient feature is P2P, or peer-to-peer payments, in the digital wallet. This lets you send and request money instantly in real-time to your customers and suppliers who use the app, with the added benefit of accessing the funds right away. 

wallet statements

Online Account Statements: Transparency for Efficient Financial Management 

Introducing the newest feature on the app: access to online account statements 24/7. This provides transparency and helps you manage your finances efficiently and stay on top of cash flow; with statements, you can monitor transactions in all currencies at your business in real-time. Financial clarity is key to making informed decisions and Toonie puts this power directly in your hands. You can keep track of all the payments in each wallet by simply downloading the statement. Read more here.

vouchers boxes

Vouchers for Customised Offers: Build Customer Loyalty 

Toonie goes beyond simple digital payments. It offers you the possibility to create customised vouchers for your business. Decide on discounts, exclusive promotions, and incentives for your customers through the Toonie app. The ability to create targeted offers will help you reach new customers and build loyal, lasting relationships. 

atm- cashier

ATM: Become the new point of reference 

Toonie's ATM service will allow you to transform your point of sale into a real ATM. Become an integral part of community life and help keep payment services accessible. Give your community another reason to visit by offering a convenient virtual ATM service via the app. 

man with the phone

In conclusion, Toonie is not just a digital payment service platform, but a reliable ally for business innovation. Its integrity, efficiency and wide range of functionalities make it an indispensable tool for any business aiming to thrive in the digital age.

Embrace the future of commerce with Toonie and transform your business today. 

✨If you are curious to learn more about the Toonie world, leave us a comment below or via our social channels ✨



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