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Toonie: The ATM Service for Merchants - Innovation and Profitability

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In the age of digitisation, efficiency and convenience are key elements for any business. We at Toonie understand these needs and believe innovative solutions lie at the heart of thriving businesses.


We have developed a revolutionary service that allows merchants to offer an ATM service directly at their point of sale, transforming your shop from a place of purchase into a vital community hub.


With more bank branches closing and fewer ATMs, this service not only makes life easier for customers by providing accessible financial services but also represents a revenue opportunity for merchants.

How Toonie's ATM Service Works

The Toonie app offers a practical and immediate solution: the ATM service integrated into the app itself allows customers to withdraw and deposit cash without having to search for a bank or stand in long queues at automated machines. Merchants can offer this service at their point of sale, making the shop an even more attractive, modern and innovative destination for customers who need to withdraw and deposit money.

Benefits for Merchants

  • Increased Customer Traffic: Offering an ATM service attracts more customers, who often make additional purchases while withdrawing or depositing cash.

  • Earnings on Every Transaction: Merchants receive a commission on every withdrawal and deposit transaction made through the app's ATM service, creating a new source of recurring revenue.

  • Guaranteed Efficiency-Minimised Effort, Maximum Yield: With the ability to withdraw and deposit cash in-store, customers no longer have to travel to a bank, saving time and reducing queues at the counter. Thanks to the app's geolocalisation, they can search for the nearest point of sale!

📢 A tutorial a day keeps the doubt away!

  • Improved Customer Service: By offering an additional and important service, merchants improve the overall customer experience, building customer loyalty and attracting new ones.

Quick and Easy Implementation

Our ATM service is designed to be quick and easy to implement. Toonie provides all the necessary support for its configuration and operation, ensuring that merchants can immediately start offering it. 


🤫 All you need to do is complete the 'KYC' and apply for the product in the app.


Toonie is transforming the way merchants interact with their customers by offering an ATM service that not only makes life easier for consumers but also creates new revenue streams for merchants. With a practical, secure and convenient solution, Toonie represents a real innovation in the financial services sector.


With the Toonie ATM service, the Toonie community can finally say goodbye to long waits at bank counters and ATM queues, and welcome a future of increased business opportunities and customer satisfaction.


👀If you are interested, download Toonie in a few clicks and request the service. We are waiting for you! #doitwithtoonie


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