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Who helps local economies?

Toonie's innovation to support local communities and entrepreneurs

Giants like Amazon have certainly changed the way of doing business. A sophisticated and innovative vision of aggregation of costs and services with heavy investment in logistics.

The aim of creating a perception of an oligopoly in sales where Amazon aggregates, and at the same time claims to be the only seller offering the best price has been successfully achieved.

From here the road is sloping down thanks to almost unlimited treasury. Deployed to add key services that will increasingly validate the business model designed to turn the oligopoly into a monopoly.

How should local businesses react to this challenge? With innovation

Toonie works for small communities and neighbourhood businesses by offering innovation and technology to balance the domination of multinationals.

Let's explore with which tools:

  • Offering a totally geolocalised advertising platform using discount vouchers issued in full autonomy by merchants and professionals. An infrastructure that engages in dialogue with its community, making itself known and above all conveying the message that even locally it is possible to do excellent deals with a special extra: human warmth.

  • Offering a portable ATM at the service of the citizen. Increasingly, small communities are experiencing the closure of bank branches and thus limited access to cash. By contrast, retailers suffer from the cost and risk of holding and depositing cash. Thanks to Toonie, they can dispose of their cash, reducing risks and costs while offering a crucial service.

  • Offering a point-of-sale (POS) without transaction costs and a tool for their e-commerce which removes the risk of charge-back. A point-of-sale (POS) and an e-commerce button that guarantees money available in real time.

  • Offering tools generating a circular economy such as loyalty schemes and spendable cash-back on the spot. The community needs to retain wealth internally but without impractical constraints. Toonie works alongside public administration to create fully customised and rewarding schemes for retaining and above all creating new wealth.

Support your local community with Toonie


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