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Money Transfer for Free!

Did you know that it is possible to transfer money with Toonie around the world in real time and totally free of charge?

Yes, it is indeed true what you are reading in the title.

Toonie is the only payment app that allows its users to transfer money, anywhere in the world, at no cost and in real time.

Here's how.

Let's imagine you live in Milan and want to send 1000 Euro to a friend or relative in London or New York:

  1. Download the Toonie App and register in just a few clicks.

  2. Ask your friend or relative to do the same.

  3. Open your Euro wallet for free

  4. Load it with 1000 Euro with a simple and free bank transfer

  5. Add your friend in your address book using his code found in the payment section

  6. Send the 1000 euro at no cost

  7. In a second your friend will receive the 1000 euros without any commission.

  8. Now you can either spend it wherever Toonie is accepted or transfer it to your bank account



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