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EXAU Digital Gold has landed in Toonie!

Have you ever dreamed of owning gold? It's now possible. We are thrilled to announce that you can purchase EXAU Gold digital assets in Toonie.

Toonie is truly a multi-currency solution with wallets available in EUR, CHF, GBP, USD, and now EXAU Gold. The App lets you hold fiat currency, digital currency and now digital gold to make your money work smarter and harder.

What's EXAU Gold?

EXAU Gold is a Store of Value digital asset that represents physical gold. Each EXAU Gold asset is backed by one troy ounce of 99.99% purity gold LBMA certified, stored in a secure vault in Switzerland.

The goal of an EXAU Gold digital asset is to provide a stable and secure way for you to own physical gold without needing to store the metal physically. The assets are held in the App or can be exchanged for EUR or converted into physical gold and sent to the asset holder anytime and anywhere.

Why buy digital gold?

If you have some extra money in your account, consider exchanging it to buy some gold. *

Gold is often viewed as a reliable safeguard against inflation when the economy is unstable. While inflation can reduce a currency's value, gold's intrinsic value remains steady due to its limited supply and long-time value.

By purchasing digital assets, that representant real physical gold, you get all the benefits of owning gold without the hassle of insurance, transporting the gold and its security. Plus, digital assets are quicker and easier to sell.

How do I buy gold in Toonie?

It's simple. You will need to have a EUR wallet open. Then open an EXAU Gold wallet in the App. It only takes a few taps, and then you can purchase EXAU digital assets by exchanging money from your EUR wallet to your EXAU Gold wallet.

Please be aware that the digital asset can only be purchased using EUR, and you can only sell it back to EUR in the App. Minimums apply - EXAU Gold cannot be purchased if less than one troy ounce.

*It's essential to remember that buying digital gold, or any third-party digital assets, carries risks. The price of gold can fluctuate quickly, and we recommend you thoroughly do your own research first and read our risk disclosure and terms of how it works in Toonie.


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