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Boost online sales and provide a fast

and easy payment solution for your



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Accept e-commerce payments

with Toonie

Every business is unique, and that's why we provide a variety of tailored acquiring solutions to meet your needs and ensure uninterrupted payment processing.

More choice, more sales

Peer-2-Peer Multi-currency Payments:


Pay with card: EUR, GBP and CHF

Visa, Mastercard, American express, Union pay, JCB

Pay with digital gold: EXAU

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Get paid instantly

Enjoy speedy transactions and instant access to your funds.

Give your customers a smooth checkout experience with our real-time payment solution.

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Collect online payments remotely

No ecommerce website? No worries. Use our Pay by Link secure checkout solution.

Share payment links in Toonie via email or messaging apps. You can even send them to non-Toonie users!

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Easy to integrate

Toonie provides a complete set of Rest APIs for integration with central systems.

Integration only takes a few minutes.

A complete SDK is available here

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Do you operate in a niche business?

Toonie can provide support to businesses across

a wide range of sectors. Talk to us today.

That's why you need Toonie

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Flexible, tailored cross-border solutions

Reduce your payment processing costs

Turn your smartphone into a payment terminal

Set up irresistible digital offers to increase sales

Enjoy access to the Toonie Community

No interruptions to your business

Real-time Acquiring

Receive online payments instantly without delays

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Higher acceptance

Flexible solutions to accommodate legitimate businesses in many sectors

Fair commissions

Fair and unbiased commissions based on the nature of your business

Standard rate: 2% +0.25

(Dependant on business model)


Contact us to get a bespoke quote for your business

View Toonie Merchant Terms for full pricing breakdown

Need to accept in-person payments?




P2P Payments

Ready for e-commerce?

Sign up for Pay-with-Toonie  today

and start accepting secure payments on your website!

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