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Risk Disclosure



This Risk Disclosure Statement provides you with information about some of the risks associated with use of the “Exchange” section of the Toonie App that allows the users to do FX conversions and purchase Digital Assets.


The information presented in this Risk Disclosure Statement is not comprehensive and does not reflect all the risks (or other important factors) you should consider before using the Services. You must make your own independent decision to access or use the Services and should seek any advice that you consider necessary (including financial and/or legal advice) from independent advisers.


Toonie does not provide any legal or financial advice.

Third-Party Digital Assets (Not Cryptocurrencies)


It is important that you understand the relationship between Toonie and the external company issuing the Digital Assets, but most importantly, how the Digital Assets work.


Toonie only facilitates the purchase of the Digital Assets by providing the “Exchange” service. 


The Digital Assets are subject to the rules and legalities of the external company issuing the Digital Assets.

Please be aware that the Digital Asset can only be purchased using EUR, and you can only sell it back to EUR in the App.


We highly recommend you read the Whitepapers of the Digital Assets you want to purchase before proceeding. Please visit the following link:


1. EXAU Gold at

Before you proceed to purchase the Third-party Digital Assets it is important that you acknowledge and agree to this disclaimer and assume full responsibility.

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