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To celebrate the exciting launch of the STREAM Token in Toonie, we’re giving you the chance to grab 1000 STREAM Tokens for free in our mega token airdrop giveaway.
Hurry, sign up now to take part!

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Join in

Enter your Toonie email address to get 1000 free tokens

Thanks. Toonie will drop 1000 tokens in your account once you open a STREAM Wallet.

Airdrop terms (the legal bit)
Please be aware that Toonie only facilitates the purchase of the Tokens by providing the “Exchange” service. The Tokens are subject to the rules and legalities of the external company issuing the tokens. Please read our risk disclosure and terms for more details.  Read the Toonie STREAM Token Airdrop terms.

What’s a STREAM Token?

STREAM is the native token of the Streamable Finance Protocol for streaming financial assets and products. It allows senders to programme real-time streams to a recipient wallet to enable payments by the second.

Streaming payments are a type of payment that is made in regular intervals, as a stream, rather than as a lump sum. Read the litepaper.

The digital tokens are stored in your wallet in Toonie. You can hold on to them or you buy 1000 extra tokens and you will be eligible for the 20% staking and rewards.

, you can earn STREAM cashback tokens when you pay with Toonie! 

How to claim your tokens

1. Sign up to the airdrop (please enter the email address you use for your Toonie account)

2. Download the Toonie app and complete your profile

3. Open a STREAM Wallet
in Toonie and we'll drop 1000 STREAM tokens in your account

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